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To many, getting a classic car and putting in the time and dedication to bring it back to it's former glory is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things you can do. This is all without the pleasure gained when you can finally take out your labour of love on to the highways and byways for a spin. In all, it makes all the hours of hard work worthwhile.

Aspect of classic vehicleAnd there will be hard hours, believe me! People, as well as being attracted, are more often than not put off by some of the downsides of classic car buying and fixing up. So, this article will attempt to help by sketching out some tips to get the most out of any classic car purchase you might be thinking of undertaking.

Image of elderly couple in a vintage vehicleThe first decision to make is whether you want a fix-up job or a classic car that is already running. The choice should be apparent to you as you think about it. If you have time and money to spare and a mechanical background (and a forgiving family), then go ahead. However, taking on a broken down classic car could be more effort than it is worth for someone without the finance, patience or skill to deal with it.

As important however, is budgeting. This is vital, as classic car costs can spiral out of control - one expert says that, if you are buying a fix-up classic car, you should take the supposed costs and triple them, as this is where the budget could spiral to. Bear this in mind, as a classic car dream can quickly become a nightmare if costs are not kept on top of.

Image of the front grill of a vintage carSo, you've picked a model and have gone to view it - how do you make sure you're not going to be ripped off? Well, it is much the same type of thing you would do when buying any car. Make sure you look over the entire vehicle, checking the chassis and bodywork for any spots rust or damage. Ensure all the lights work and that the interior is in as gooder condition as can be expected and turn the engine over if you can. If you are worried about forgetting anything, print out a full and detailed checklist and work through it. Do not be shy in asking questions and insist on a test drive if the car can be driven. Then, if you are happy, use your research and negotiate a fair price for the car. Always buy the best you can afford and look after it, as buying something really cheap could be false economy after you spend all your time, energy and money trying to keep it running.

So, taking these into account, you should be able to find yourself a rewarding classic car project, fix-up job or runner alike. If not however, don't fret, there is always a new car for sale if the above work sounds a bit too much for you!

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